Acne Eliminating Charcoal Mask


A Detoxing Mask Without The Painful Peel

Teens and adults alike suffer from acne. It’s the world’s most common skin condition, yet can create a tremendous impact in one’s confidence and overall health. Many have searched high and low for the ultimate treatment that will free them from acne. When you’ve gone from product to product without much success, things can get really frustrating.

Now, you no longer have to rack your brain trying to find the best acne solution. The TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Charcoal Mask is carefully crafted to provide relief from acne, blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads. Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal are both natural cleansers that flush out impurities while nourishing the skin with a slew of essential minerals. Together, they create a facial mask that’s safe, effective, and natural.

Along with its high mineral content, Bentonite Clay helps the skin with its strong negative electromagnetic charge -- when mixed with water, the clay becomes a magnet that pulls out all the chemicals, impurities, and heavy metals sitting in your pores. Activated charcoal on the other hand is not the charcoal you use for grilling, but the kind used to remove poison from the body. It can bind with the toxins in your face, making it a perfect face mask ingredient.

To complete your skin cleansing regimen, we’ve also added Baking Soda to balance your skin’s pH level, Lemon Peel Powder to eliminate spots and blemishes, and Cornstarch to accelerate the healing process.

With companies everywhere churning out chemical-ridden synthetic beauty products, our acne eliminating face mask will be a breath of fresh air. It’s composed of organic ingredients so that it will not become an environmental threat once the facial mask is washed down the drain and goes in the water supply.

More importantly for you as an individual, you can stay away from parabens, chemicals, SLS and other substances that may cause skin irritation or even hormone disruption. Our acne eliminating mask is everything you could ask for in a face mask. We’ve combined potent ingredients that work perfectly together so you can achieve the glow and smoothness you been wishing for.

Product Description

Blended specifically to treat acne, our Acne Eliminating Charcoal Mask will naturally remove dirt and excess oil, help manage sebum production, diminish blemishes, and reduce the appearance of acne. After regular use, you can expect clearer, healthier skin and significant improvement in your complexion. All skin types can benefit from this charcoal mask.

  • High cleansing ability removes dead skin cells, toxins, dirt, and impurities
  • Reduces excess oil and regulates oil production
  • All-natural formulation lets you avoid harmful chemicals
  • Rich vitamin and mineral content feeds your skin the nourishment it needs
  • Bentonite clay clears the skin of gunk, grime, and dirt
  • Activated charcoal binds with chemicals to remove them from your face
  • Baking soda balances the skin’s pH level
  • Lemon peel powder improves complexion and relieves blemishes
  • Tea tree water has antimicrobial properties that can kill acne-causing bacteria
  • Each ingredient promises to care for your skin
  • No chemicals, SLS, parabens, or animal cruelty
  • Can be used by both men and women

How It Helps Your Skin

  • Reduces Excess Oil
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells And Toxins
  • Regulates Sebum Production
  • Soothes Skin While It’s Healing
  • Relieves Redness And Blemishes
  • Brightens Your Complexion
  • Balances Skin’s pH Level
  • Diminishes The Appearance Of Acne


Made in the USA, 100% Vegan

Size: 2 fl oz (60 ml)


Apply to clean face and leave on skin until dry, then rinse with very warm water. Ensure that you wash your face completely after, as the natural clays seal pores when absorbed as a mask.

*Because we don’t use binders or other chemicals, separation may occur… which is okay, since it only means the product is all-natural. If this happens, please gently shake the bottle before use.

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Where are your products made?

  • All TreeActiv products are handmade with love in the United States. Specifically, our products are made down in Florida.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mask feels amazing!!!

Excellent product - by far the most and dare I say only effective acne products On the market are treeactiv - try it you won’t regret it

Best acne treatment ever!!

I got this off of amazon and omg am I glad I did. I just turned 30 and started having problems with acne. I felt like I tried everything with lil to no results then I found this gem. when I started it I had 11 bumps on my face within 2 weeks I had 0. I use this every night after my shower and literally have no flare ups this stuff is gold buy it now!!!!!


Acne Eliminating Charcoal Mask

Excellent product

This product is good. I have issue with the type of container used. This is a product that dries up quickly it supposed to be in a tube like container instead of the wide open container. It is like I waste my money bc it dried up. Please change the container


Mask work not bad but I had used before better one.

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't fully satisfied with our Acne Eliminating Charcoal Acne Mask. We do have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please send us a message directly with your order number and reference your review in the message, we promise to do our best to make this a better experience by helping you find a product that may work better for you or we can help you get your money back. Thank you!

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