Clary Sage Water

Clary Sage Water (Salvia sclarea) 

Our inspiration here at TreeActiv is you - our focus is on providing you with products that will give you an experience unlike any previous product on the market. We believe that beauty and health can be mutually attainable, and you should not have to choose between one or the other. Our products contain only the best ingredients to help achieve this goal. These ingredients, such as Clary Sage Water, are chosen because they help to provide both a physical and mental sense of well-being. We also wanted to provide you with some information on Clary Sage Water and why it was chosen.

So, What’s Up With Clary Sage Water?

  • Clary Sage Water is also known as clary sage hydrosol - they are one in the same. Essential waters/hydrosols are the remaining waters that have been infused with the essence of a plant during the process of creating essential oils. When the essential oils are taken from the top, the less concentrated (but still extremely effective), water remains. Clary Sage Water contains the many properties of Clary Sage, but is a more gentle way to utilize the beneficial properties of this natural herb.

  • Clary Sage Water comes from the clary sage herb (Salvia sclarea), which can be found around the world, but is most often cultivated within the European Union.

  • When Clary Sage is concentrated into an essential oil or water, it provides many health benefits for your body including the eyes, nervous system, digestion, and skin.

  • The clary sage herb contains high concentrations of essential organic compounds, such as linalyl acetate, which has antispasmodic (muscle relaxing) and sedative properties.

  • Clary Sage also contains other natural compounds, such as alcohols and sesquiterpenes, which have antimicrobial effects on the skin and in the digestive system.

  • Clary Sage is commonly found in soaps, detergents, creams, lotions, and perfumes due to its ability to promote healthy skin and alleviate stress when used in aromatherapy.

Why Do We Use Clary Sage Water In TreeActiv Products?

Clary Sage Water is used in TreeActiv products due to its ability to help address acne and oily skin when in direct contact topically. This is why we have it in a few of our products that are used on your face, such as our facial cleanser. Clary Sage Water is also used to relieve anxiety and emotional tension when smelled, so we use it in our herbal toner that is spritzed on your face throughout your day. This is also why we use Clary Sage Water in our linen sprays so you can naturally calming your nervous system whenever you smell your bedding or other fabrics. We think that this is especially beneficial during times of stress, depression, or insomnia - a few of our team member swear by this product and use it each night before bed.  

TreeActiv Products That Contain Clary Sage Water:

Some Fun Facts About Clary Sage Water:
  • Clary Sage was referred to as “clear eyes” in the middle ages translating from its latin room of “clarus” meaning “clear”

  • Clary Sage is also used to help improve vision and help tired or strained eyes

  • Clary Sage is used as a flavor enhancer in German wines.

    TreeActiv Clary Sage Water Health Benefits

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