TreeActiv was founded in 2014 with a simple mission: create high-quality, clean beauty products at a reasonable price. In a world full of chemical additives and artificial ingredients, we pride ourselves on creating products that are good for you and contain no harmful ingredients.. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we are here to help you find the skin care solution that is right for you.

While natural products are great for you, they are also much safer on the environment. Being as green as possible is important to us, which is why we have a manufacturing process that has a minimal impact on the environment and we use ingredients that can be safely disposed of. We care about the ethical treatment of animals, so we ensure that no animals are ever harmed during the creation of our raw ingredients or finished products. 

When you buy a TreeActiv product, you can rest assured knowing that it is:

  • Assembled in the USA
  • Vegetarian (mostly Vegan)
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • SLS-Free
  • Aluminum-Free
  • Phthalate-Free

We only sell products that we love. We test every ingredient, every variation, and every single finished product on our own team!  And our whole team uses our products everyday.  If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please reach out to us by visiting the Contact Page.



Leiluna is a limited liability company in the eCommerce industry founded in June 2015.  The company specializes in physical product brands in the following markets: dietary supplements, tea, natural skin care, cosmetics, bulk health foods, and natural sweeteners. Its headquarters are located in Wilmington, DE 19807.

Our Family of Brands

Leiluna owns and distributes 5 consumer product brands. There are currently 130+ active product listings across all brands.  

TreeActiv - All-Natural Personal Care Treatments 

Purisure - Dietary Supplements 

OPTML - Dietary Supplements 

TEAki Hut - Loose Leaf and Instant Teas

NatriSweet - Powdered and Liquid Natural