Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salt

At TreeActiv, we have a vision that promotes products that make you feel better and help you look your best. We believe that beauty and health can be mutually attainable naturally, and you should not have to choose one or the other. Our products contain only the best ingredients to help achieve this goal. These ingredients, such as Dead Sea Salt, are chosen individually because they help to provide both a physical and mental sense of well-being. We also wanted to provide you with some information on Dead Sea Salt and why it was chosen to have the TreeActiv label.

So, What’s Up With Dead Sea Salt?

  • Dead Sea Salt refers to the salt extracted from the Dead Sea, a popular tourist aquatic destination due to its high salt content.

  • Various cultures and groups of people dating back to the ancient Egyptians have visited the Dead Sea for therapy, utilizing the Dead Sea Salt in skin creams, soaps, and more.

  • Healing properties of Dead Sea Salt are known to expand across many different applications such as good skin care, improved dental health, relief from rheumatoid arthritis, muscle cramps, and acne relief.

  • Dead Sea Salt is unique in that long-term use has continued health benefits for your skin and body, helping to slow the aging process and revitalizing your cells.

  • Dead Sea Salt is remarkable in providing an effective medium for stress relief caused by increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and fatigue.

Why Do We Use Dead Sea Salt In TreeActiv Products?

We use Dead Sea Salt in many of our TreeActiv because the high concentration of naturally healing minerals found in the salt helps regulate different functions within the human body.

Dead Sea Salt contains a variety of minerals, including magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride, and bromides. Magnesium is important for fluid retention in cells, with remarkable effects on slowing skin aging, and calming the nervous system. Potassium highly energizes the body and helps to balance skin moisture, especially after highly-active physical exercises. Calcium is effective at preventing too much water retention, increasing fluid circulation, and strengthening your bones and nails. Lastly, Bromides are important in easing muscle stiffness and relaxing tense muscles. The use of these earth minerals is highly effective at treating skin conditions and is an important preventive measure to ensure continued skin health.

TreeActiv Products That Contain Dead Sea Salt:

Some Fun Facts About Dead Sea Salt:
  • The high salt content of the Dead Sea increases the density of the water, allowing anyone to easily float there.

  • The climate of the Dead Sea is highly used for climatotherapy, which is a medical discipline that incorporates a region’s special climate to treat chronic conditions.

  • The high temperatures of the Dead Sea during certain parts of the year causes vapors to rise from the water that contain the minerals and when inhaled into the body, provide patients with the healing minerals.

  • Salt content of the Dead Sea is 29%, compared to ocean water which has only 4%.

  • Sodium Chloride accounts for 80% of ocean water whereas Dead Sea Salt has many different salts in high concentrations.


TreeActiv Dead Sea Salt Health Benefits


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