Lavender Water

Lavender Water (Lavandula)

We at TreeActiv are your fairy godmother – we strive to help you look and feel beautiful, except we don’t use fairy magic. Instead, we use the best ingredients from nature’s bounty. Just like Cinderella being given the best dress, the best shoes, and the best accessories, we provide you with the best products that will elevate your health and beauty so that, in the end, you will be as beautiful as Cinderella without the midnight expiry. Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

So, What’s Up With Lavender Water?

Lavender is native to the Mediterranean, Middle East, and India, and is one of the most popular aromatic and therapeutic herbs. It’s present in cosmetics, beauty products, and cleaning products, and it’s a popular choice in aromatherapy. The use of Lavender Water can be traced back as far as the Middle Ages, and our ancestors used it for washing and disinfecting lye. Today, Lavender is used for purifying, cleansing, relaxing, and healing. Extracting Lavender Water is easy - simply combine fresh Lavender with hot water. Place the buds in the water and cover, and let it brew for a few hours. Drain the mixture and store the Lavender Water in a bottle. Store it in your fridge to prolong its freshness. You can also mix a bit of alcohol as a preservative to lengthen its shelf life.

Why Do We Use Lavender Water In TreeActiv Products?

More than its soothing scent, Lavender Water provides a wide array of topical uses, making it ideal for hair and skin application. Lavender Water is a rich source of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the skin. This floral water also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that make it a great acne treatment. For anyone who has eczema, use Lavender Water to relieve the itching and reduce its symptoms. Lavender Water can even hasten the skin's healing process. And if you think detoxification only happens on the inside, thanks to Lavender Water, you can flush out toxins and pollutants from your skin, and the antioxidants in Lavender Water can fight off the free radicals that are damaging your cells.

Lavender is also used to improve hair growth and health. Massage the herbal water into your scalp to improve blood circulation, stimulate hair growth, and prevent hair loss.

TreeActiv Products That Contain Lavender Water

Some Fun Facts About Lavender Water
  • Lavandula comes from the Latin word lavo, which means "to wash"
  • Lavender Water can be used to balance your skin tone
  • You can use Lavender Water to clean wounds
  • Cleanse and tighten your skin with Lavender Water, as it also acts as a powerful astringent; it helps soften skin, leaving you feeling refreshed
  • Lavender Water helps fight against skin aging



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