Be Acne-Free This Winter Season with Our Ultimate Acne Solution

Winter is a great time to bundle up and snuggle close to your friends and loved ones, but it’s not fun when you start suffering from dry skin and acne breakouts! According to a study, the winter chill not only has a drying effect on the skin, but it also triggers acne breakouts and excess sebum production. For some cystic acne sufferers, those big, red bumps might take a bit of the fun out of the holidays. However, we at TreeActiv have the right skincare products for you this season!



1. Acne Eliminating Face Spray

Nourish your skin instantly with all-natural ingredients that are quickly absorbed to eliminate acne and clear harmful bacteria. This unique face toner will tone your skin and reduce oil production without over-drying or irritating pores. It also works well as an aftershave and can reduce irritation and razor burn.


Lemongrass Water

A natural astringent that minimizes pores, Lemongrass Water is also packed with the same vitamins and nutrients you get from the herb itself, vitamins C and A. Not only does it help with reducing the appearance of acne, it also balances the production of oil in your skin.

Sandalwood Water

Sandalwood is highly prized in Ayurvedic medicine. As such, this anti-inflammatory antiseptic helps tackle skin problems, especially acne. It also helps lighten dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and scars that are rampant for people who suffer from acne breakouts.

Witch Hazel

A plant with powerful medicinal properties, it’s a gentle astringent that’s added in a lot of skin toners. An anti-inflammatory ingredient, it neutralizes inflammation caused by eczema, acne and other skin problems. Applying Witch Hazel topically reduces skin irritation, which makes it the perfect ingredient for cleansing and reducing acne.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxy acid with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are highly beneficial to your skin. Its ability to penetrate and loosen skin cells clogged in your pores allow Salicylic Acid to heal acne while preventing future breakouts. 

What Our Customers Say

[5.0 out of 5 stars]

I Tell All of My Friends About this Product

I love TreeActiv because they use ingredients found in nature as opposed to harsh and toxic chemicals. I use the body wash, the body spray, the skin repair serum, as well as this face spray. I will continue to use these products because I believe in their company and their products have helped both the appearance and health of my skin. I have many friends who also have troubled skin and I recommend these products to them all the time. They trust me too, because they know how many different products I've tried in the past. The only downside to these products is that I use them so often that I run out very quickly :/

- Amazon Customer

[5.0 out of 5 stars]

So Easy and It Works!

I love this spray! It's so ridiculously easy to spray on my face (and sometimes my chest and back) after showering or before going to bed. It's nice and light, smells good and doesn't sting or anything. It makes it too easy, and I have seen a noticeable difference in my skin since I've been using it. I'd recommend!


[5.0 out of 5 stars]

Works Wonders On Mild, Stubborn Acne

I love this face spray. I’ve been struggling with minor acne forever now, nothin terrible but annoying bumps and stuff I thought I’d try something new, a natural spray with salicylic acid, and it’s working like a charm. It’s been only three days and I’m already happy with the results! Really quite amazing.

-Julia Kowalski

2. Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

This acne spot treatment is a fast-acting solution that fights pimples and cystic acne breakouts quickly. It works by unclogging pores, removing dead skin cells, and nourishing the trouble area to provide relief so that you won’t have to worry every time a new blemish pops up. You can apply it anytime and reapply as often as needed. Leave it on overnight for extra strength results.


Bentonite Clay

Excessive sebum production, along with trapped bacteria and dead skin cells, is known to clog pores and lead to the formation of acne. Bentonite Clay, with its remarkable detoxifying ability, works to flush out the accumulated impurities in the pores to halt inflammation and heal your skin.

Tea Tree Water

Tea Tree Water is one of the most beloved ingredients in the beauty world. The tea tree has long been valued for its wide range of uses, and while different tea tree variances provide a number of amazing benefits, Tea Tree Water is known to be the best for sensitive skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

One of the most prized ingredients in health and beauty, Tea Tree Essential Oil provides natural astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory benefits, making it one of the most effective acne remedies. Just a single undiluted drop of Tea Tree Oil is known to be enough to take out a pimple.

What Our Customers Say

[5.0 out of 5 stars]

WoW!! This stuff works fast! Saw results after the 1st Day!!

My son was having issues with cystic type acne on his forehead after he went camping for 2 weeks this summer. It was red, lumpy and painful. Washing his face and using regular acne treatment wasn't helping at all. I found TreeActiv on Amazon before heading to the dermatologist and was so glad I did! Saw results after one use. See the before and after pictures. Only 1 month between the 2 photos. Redness is gone, lumps are gone, just working on clearing up red scars. Love this stuff!!


[5.0 out of 5 stars]

Great product, just wish you got more

I l o v e this treatment. I’ve had cystic acne since I was 14 and in 10 years this is the only thing that has worked. It feels sooooo good to finally have clear skin.

I didn’t read the product size so was a little disappointed when I saw how small it was (and how much it costs for this tiny amount) but that’s on me. Plus a little goes a looong way so it’s not too bad I guess. Still gonna buy it again 🤷🏻‍♀️


[5.0 out of 5 stars]

It works!

I've been using the cream for a week now. Cystic acne is not only ugly but also painful sometimes. Even though I still have acne (I was not expecting to be clean at all, because there is no magic, I'm 37 yo tho) it really helped with both: appearance and pain. Now my acne is smaller and does not bother me. The scent of the cream is really nice. I left the product every night and washed my face in the morning. I did not use any other creams, just my regular cleanse before applying it. What I like the most is that they are natural products. I wish the product comes in a bigger package, though. Other than that, I think I'll keep using it and maybe add more products to combine them all.

-Maria Harvey

3. Acne Eliminating Face Cream 

The Acne Eliminating Face Cream contains the optimal combination of acne-fighting ingredients to unblock the sebaceous glands, tighten pores, lock in needed moisture, and control oil production. With potent essential oils like Pink Grapefruit, Lemongrass, and Peppermint, the unique balance of this cream will disinfect pores while clearing up whiteheads, pimples, and blackheads. Use daily for acne-prone skin. 


Peppermint Water

Peppermint Water has a variety of benefits for hair and skin. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties are ideal for the accumulation of bacteria on the skin and blemishes such as blackheads. Extracts from this plant also cool and brighten the skin, similar to the effects that menthol or mint has in candies, soaps, and shampoos.

Jojoba Oil

This a natural wonder with anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and irritation in the skin. It’s also high in vitamins E and B, which help the skin heal and repair itself. This soothing oil is also a wonderful moisturizer, as it gets absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin.

Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Like the rest of the citrus family, Grapefruit is known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. Rich in vitamin C that helps heal scars and wounds, this citrusy essential oil also treats oily skin.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

This antibacterial and antimicrobial essential oil is a well-known skin reliever as well. It soothes irritated and inflamed skin, which makes Lemongrass Oil perfect to combat acne breakouts while soothing the skin. 

What Our Customers Say

[5.0 out of 5 stars]

Soothes, minimizes oil, and clears acne!

My face is oily/greasy naturally, and I thought this was way too heavy at first. However as i used a very little amount for each application, I actually ended up loving it! It smells great, it is not irritating, and I think it actually balances my skin's oil production. I notice my skin is slowly but surely breaking out less.

I use it with the Balancing Herbal Toner, Oil-Free Advanced Serum, Crepey Skin Microdermabrasion Mask, and Cystic Acne Spot Treatment.


[5.0 out of 5 stars]

Acne Medication and Aromatherapy In One

I cant say enough about this product and this brand. I found a product that I love and will continue to purchase. This product has a peppermint smell that is calming and relaxing, and has been a game-changer for my skin!! If you are an essential oil person you will especially adore these products like I do!

-Allison Boyer

[5.0 out of 5 stars]

It works!!

Great product smells amazing moisturizes and clears skin will definitely purchase again!!! I use many products from this line!!



In this season of festivities, these products might be exactly what you need to enjoy the company of friends and family without the burden of skin problems and acne riding on your mind.