Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate the 4th Of July

You’ll know it’s the peak of the summer season when the 4th of July is around the corner. While usually observed with fireworks, barbecues, and all-day picnics, July 4th has some traditions that may pose as threats to the environment.

This is not to suggest that all festivities should be cancelled and everyone should just stay home to save the planet. Instead, consider incorporating a few tweaks to your annual celebrations that would make this occasion a fun yet eco-friendly holiday.

Here are some simple suggestions you can try this upcoming Thursday.

Ditch Anything That’s Disposable

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate 4th Of July

Disposable party ware are highly popular and accessible. Everyone automatically grabs a pack of plastic cups and single-use cutlery when it’s time to break out the picnic baskets, even if the party is just in their backyard. And the reason is simple: plastic utilities are convenient.

But the solution is even more convenient – use regular tableware. 

Bring what you would normally use at home -- plates and tools that can be washed and re-used. Or go for utensils made of recyclable materials such as wooden sporks, metal or bamboo straws, and the like.

Instead of bringing plastic or paper cups, ask guests to bring their own reusable cup.

Reuse Old Holiday Decorations

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate 4th Of July

Most Independence Day decorations are almost always the same each year, so there’s really no reason for you to keep buying new decors each time you throw a party. As long as you know how to store them properly, the same decorations can be used year after year.

Another wild idea is to skip the decorations altogether. Instead of spending time setting up streamers and table toppers, ask your guests to dress in the holiday’s colors: bold red, white, and blue.

Go for Greener Fireworks or None at All

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate 4th Of July

One unwavering 4th of July tradition that’s hardly of any use to the environment is fireworks. The most ideal thing to do is to not have any, but if you really need to set off pyrotechnics this year, go for fireworks that are rich in nitrogen. These fireworks emit less acrid smoke and use fewer color-producing chemicals, reducing heavy metals used and their potential toxic effects.

Grill Using Propane

Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate 4th Of July

The holiday is synonymous to grand outdoor barbecues. While you’re not required to give up grilling for good to save the environment, consider a more eco-friendly option.

According to a study conducted by the Environment Impact Assessment Review, LPG or liquefied petroleum gas is more efficient in cooking compared to charcoal. It also uses 3 times less CO2 than charcoal. When the two grilling methods were compared in terms of overall carbon footprint, propane only used up about 349 kg of CO2 while charcoal used up 998 kg.


Eco-Friendly Ways To Celebrate 4th Of July

If you’re planning to head out some place else to enjoy the festivities, you can easily minimize gas emissions by carpooling with friends. If public transit is an option, go for that, too. As an added bonus, you can contribute less to the hectic holiday traffic.

These are only some of the ways you can help reduce your carbon footprint during the festivities. Although little, these small changes can make a great impact to the planet, especially once your friends, family, and neighbors start to adapt the same mindset.



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