Essential Oils For Every Skin Type

Essential oils have been around for a while, and science and skincare have come together to make the best use out of these natural wonders. A lot of skincare products feature essential oils for a variety of purposes: moisturizing, acne-fighting, toning, detoxifying, and a whole lot more.

However, essential oils don’t come in a one-size-fits-all packet. It’s best to be familiar with your own skin type and which essential oil suits your skin type the best. One particular oil might be effective for dry skin, but can aggravate oily skin.

Here, we’ll talk about the different essential oils that can benefit each skin type.

Find Out Which Essential Oil Is Best For Your Skin Type

Read on to see which essential oil is right for you!

Tea Tree Oil

Best For: Oily Skin, Combination Skin

Best For: Oily Skin, Combination Skin

This essential oil has been beneficial to people for centuries, dating back to Aboriginal traditional medicine. Ancient Australians used to crush their leaves to extract tea tree oil. It was used to cure colds, coughs, and skin conditions. 

Today, we know more about tea tree oil than we did back then. Here are a few benefits of the oil:

  • It has potent acne-fighting properties
  • It can relieve inflamed and irritated skin
  • It is an effective antibacterial agent
  • It also has the ability to kill various fungi and yeasts

These properties have led to tea tree oil being used for a number of skin conditions. Contact dermatitis is a common skin irritation which occurs when skin comes into  contact with nickel or other allergens. This causes redness, itchiness, and pain. A type of yeast, Candida albicans, often affects the mouth, throat, genitals, and skin. People suffering from these conditions were found to gain relief from tea tree oil use.

We recommend using TreeActiv Tea Tree Essential Oil. It is a potent tincture for skincare, hair care, first aid, aromatherapy, and more.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Best For: Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types

Best For: Sensitive Skin, All Skin Types

Chamomile has a sweet, warm, and herbaceous aroma. It’s not a secret that it’s a favorite in aromatherapy. It is hypoallergenic and can work for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic essential oil. It is ideal in protecting the skin from irritations, allergies, infections, and inflammation - such as the case of eczema. Once irritation occurs, chamomile helps by calming the nerves and creating an overall sense of relief and ease.

We recommend the TreeActiv Eczema Cream, an intense moisturizing cream that helps relieve and prevent exasperating eczema symptoms, such as swelling, itching, and dry skin. This extraordinary cream helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function, and also helps prevent the recurrence of eczema symptoms.

Lemon Essential Oil

Best For: All Skin Types

Best For: All Skin Types

Lemon essential oil is quite popular because of its signature scent: energizing, refreshing, and uplifting all at the same time. Aside from a pleasant and therapeutic smell, there are various benefits that come from this oil. 

Health benefits that are intrinsic to the lemon plant can also be enjoyed from its essential oil. It is used for  its detoxifying, antiseptic, astringent, disinfecting, and antifungal properties. The stimulating and calming characteristics of lemon essential oil make it a staple in many skincare products today.

Enjoy the benefits of lemon essential oil in TreeActiv’s Invisible Acne Spot Treatment. It is a mess-free acne cream that controls oil by regulating sebum production. It also unclogs pores by removing dead skin cells, dry skin, dirt, and excess oil.

Jojoba Oil

Best For: Dry Skin

Best For: Dry Skin

Jojoba Oil helps reduce chapping and chafing, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. It consequently reduces the unpleasant symptoms that come from dry skin: redness, irritation, itching, and patching. 

As such, it can also be a great oil for relieving rosacea and eczema symptoms. It keeps your skin at ease. It is rich in Vitamin E and B-Vitamins, which contribute to its ability to aid in skin repair and to minimize damage. 

Jojoba Oil can be found in the TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Face Cream. Jojoba Oil is one of the most unique acne fighters because its chemical structure closely resembles sebum, making it effective in balancing natural oils.

Lavender Essential Oil

Best For: All Skin Types

Best For: All Skin Types

Lavender oil is suitable for all skin types. It has a sweet, earthy, and floral scent. This oil has multiple health benefits. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, deodorant, and cytophylactic (protection against cell death or destruction) properties.

These properties make lavender oil ideal for healing wounds found on the skin. It aids in repairing damaged skin cells and promotes the growth of new skin cells. It is the total package when it comes to giving your skin an extra boost of protection.

The fact that it feels and smells really good is a nice plus.


Final Words

Essential oils are a wonder of nature. They contain zero chemicals and preservatives, and are able to provide us with a multitude of benefits - not just for skincare, but for our health in general. Take advantage of them but be careful in choosing which ones to use.  

By using the right oils for your specific skin type, you can feel satisfied and rejuvenated. They are unlike any other chemical skincare products out there. Plus, they smell divine and are convenient to use!