How To Transition Your Personal Care Routine From Summer To Fall

Summer is over, and the cold and dry months are upon us. Be your best self this fall season by revamping your personal care activities to not only protect and nourish your body, but also give you a glow that’ll last all year round!

Tips And Tricks To Transition From Summer To Fall: Personal Care

Follow these pointers and you’re guaranteed to have an easier transition from the hot and humid months to the frigid and cooler fall season.

Ease Up On Hot Baths And Showers

How To Transition Your Personal Care Routine From Summer To Fall

This one is easier said than done. Believe us, we understand how comforting a long and hot shower is, especially after a busy day. It does feel good - at that moment - but these super long and hot showers can do more damage than good for your skin and hair. 

Scalding hot water can be harmful to the skin. Contrary to what we know, water will not add hydration and moisture to the skin (when it’s excessively hot). Instead, it’ll strip away natural oils that protect the skin.

Instead, take a break or at least shorten your hot shower time. Supplement your skin’s natural moisture with skincare products that promote hydration and soothing.

After showering, avoid rubbing your body vigorously with the towel. Pat your skin dry instead and save yourself from unnecessary irritation.

Protect Yourself From The Cold Weather

Be on the lookout for the harmful effects of cold weather, especially if you have sensitive skin. Shield it from the natural elements - this includes the sun, too!

Go for layers that warm you up. Try not to expose any bare skin when going outside, particularly on extra frigid days. Avoid all exposure as much as possible.

Here’s a fun tip: You don’t have to change your sunscreen just because summer is over. The truth is, a change in seasons won’t change the fact that the sun’s rays are still harmful… even if it is significantly colder outside. Retain your summertime SPF all year long!

Lay Low With Anti-Acne Cleansers

How To Transition Your Personal Care Routine From Summer To Fall

While sun damage is inherently the same throughout the seasons, the overall effects of extreme temperatures will still vary. During summer, the body is capable of creating sufficient natural moisture and oils to protect the body from the damage caused by our favorite topical products, however, the fall weather can disrupt such body defenses.

During cold weather, the skin leans towards dryness. And it’s essential to understand how using skincare products with glycolic acid (most anti-acne and anti-blemish products, for instance) can aggravate the side effects like peeling and flaking. Instead of trying to recover from these nasty side effects, swap your summer skincare items for gentler products as soon as fall knocks on your door. Tea tree oil is a great alternative for the colder months.


The coming of the cold fall and winter months is the perfect time to invest in a good humidifier. The weather is freezing outside, but you can still keep comfy, dry, and warm indoors. While it’s nice to relax in a warm home after being outside for a while, this extreme temperature contrast can still take a toll on your body.

Use a humidifier near your bed. This will help combat the moisture loss caused by being in a dry and warm indoor environment, which can lead to dehydration. A cool misting humidifier is the best option for such cases. And if you are traveling, there are a lot of facial mists that prove effective for on-the-go humidifying needs.

Drink Lots Of Water

How To Transition Your Personal Care Routine From Summer To Fall

This is probably the most commonly given advice, and for good reason. We can get entwined with daily life that the most basic need is often forgotten, that’s why we’ll keep repeating it like a mantra: Hydrate!

A healthy body radiates inside and out. You can tell if a person is well-hydrated by the vibrancy of the skin. Yes, we can all look dull and tired from stress, insufficient exercise, and an unbalanced diet because life happens. But if we were to shorten this entire list and just pick ONE personal care tip to keep, then this would be it.

Nothing can replace the benefits of staying hydrated every single day. By having a good reserve of water and moisture internally, the organs and systems are able to function the way they are supposed to. It also allows your body to work and function through the changing seasons and adapt in a healthy way.




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