7 Skin Care Tips Before & After Your Workout

If sheltering in place had you bring your workout routine from the gym to your house, make sure to still follow a skincare regimen. The absence of social pressure to always look presentable may tempt you to skip the shower after exercising. You're staying at home and only leaving for essential needs after all. However, the right skincare routine is especially important when you’re working out - it will help you prevent breakouts. The combination of sweat, excess sebum, and dead skin cells is bad news for skin.

Does Sweat Cause Acne?

The short answer is no. Sweating itself doesn’t cause blemishes to appear, but it may if you don't shower after a workout session. When your pores are already blocked by bacteria, excess oil, and dead skin cells, sweat can mix with the buildup and exacerbate the problem. The resulting buildup can then lead to acne.

Below are some pre and post-workout skincare tips. Use this guide to help prevent acne formation and maintain your glow even as you sweat it out at home.

Workout Skincare Routine