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Healthy and successful

I feel like it helped quite a bit after taking it for about a week, but didn't clear up my acne completely. I have had pretty bad skin since middle school and have even taken two rounds of accutane. It did lessen the amount though. The nice thing is that the pills have so many great vitamins and supplements in them, so it is very healthy even if it doesn't clear all the acne. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. If this review was helpful, please click yes below.

Shipped only 1/2 my order

I placed an order for 2 jars of the cystic Acne Spot treatment and sadly, only received 1 jar (I fully paid for 2). I have tried calling them, leaving voicemails, emailing them, etc. They have had no response in the 2 weeks. Love the product, but am disgusted that I paid for 2 and only got 1 and they are not responding to anything I send them. Maybe this review will get them to contact me????

Thank you so much for your feedback. Reviews on our products are so valuable to us as we are constantly using them to improve. Next time, if you have an issue with a product or service you can message us directly so we can make it right before you leave a review on amazon. Either way, I really appreciate you giving us another try. I believe this issue has been resolved and if you still have further concerns, we are more than happy to assist you with it just send us a message and we'll take care of it for you. Also, if you think we did a good job of making things right it would mean a lot if you decided to leave us some seller feedback by following this link: and if you changed your mind about the product, you can always go edit your review too ;-). Thanks again for your feedback and for helping improve our products and service in order to provide you and everyone else with a five star experience.
Boil Killer

As a 46 year old adult male, I have suffered with cystic acne, boils and acne scarring. I have used prescription grade products such as Retin A and Accutane only to see marginal improvements to my skins appearance and to have the acne eventually return. Also have used several other over the counter acne creams, sprays, and gels in the last 30 years. Nothing I have tried compares to Cystic Acne Spot Treatment!

My acne was healing faster!

This did not totally clear up my acne that I have on my face completely, but it did seem to heal a lot faster than before, something that might take a few days to clear up would clear up in a day or a day in a half. It also looks like the break outs did not leave scars as bad as before. The pills did not upset my stomach at all, I take the first one when I am doing my morning routine. On the bottle it say to take them three times a day, but sometimes I would forget (afternoon), if that is something that you can manage during your day then it is no problem. I just get busy and I sometimes would forget to take the one in the afternoon. I have been taking this for a while, to see if this would really help me or not, I have had acne since the age you get acne. I know that supplements can sometimes take some time to work because your body needs enough time to use what you are putting in your body to build new cells. In knowing that, do not expect this to work right away. I noticed that I have a lot less of the little small pimples that I would get on my forehead as well as the reduced amount of larger pimples along my jaw line. Also, smoother skin where I do not currently have any acne. I currently do still have some acne, but it is less than before. I paid a reduced price for this item using a promotional code, in order to provide my honest and unbiased review, I am in no way required by the seller to leave positive remarks about their product. If for any reason I find that I need to change my review in the future, I will update my post immediately. **If you have found my review helpful at all, please click the helpful button. This will make it easier for others to find this review so they may be helped as well.

Broken seal, damaged product

I was so excited to receive this in the mail. Unfortunately, I opened the package to discover that the seal was broken and half of the container's contents had spilled. I contacted customer service and they told me they would rectify the situation by sending me a new one immediately. 9 days came and went and I received a new email informing me that they were currently out of stock even though I had been told 9 days prior that a new order was already placed and would arrive the following week (?) "John Ray" said they would be happy to send me a 50% OFF coupon for a new purchase while I wait for it to get back in stock. Funnily enough, I had a friend place a new order of the same product and hers is out for delivery! Crazy!

Wow! This stuff is impressive!

My son started having cystic acne issues over the summer, so I bought a jar of the Cystic Acne treatment. This stuff starting working the first night we tried it. Below are his 30 day before and after pictures which speak for themselves!!

So happy with this product!!!

I had a surgery that made me have manu hormonal changes resulting ina cystic acne. I have been under expensive dermatologic treatments for 3 months. Nothing worked for me as this product did. I found it googleing. It is worthy!!! It is the only one has dryied up my face. At the beginning my skin was so dry that it peel of. However, I did not care, because I want to see results... After a week I saw a huge progress. I am so happy with this product.

It really works!

I've had a spot of acne on my jaw for the better part of a year. I've tried everything to get it to clear up (Differin, Acnomel, Clinique Acne Solutions). Some products seemed to work after weeks, but then they would stop and it would return all nice and red and noticeable. This is the first thing I have tried which has actually shrunk the acne. It's smaller, less red and so far seems to be clearing up. And it's only been a week since I started using it! I give this product two thumbs up and have already recommended to several family members to try.

Never received it

I was sent MEMORY SUPPLEMENTS & told that the mistake was "happening a lot."
This is the 2nd time in a month I received a different item from what I ordered.
TreeActive acne treatments are FABULOUS, and I'm certainly not going to stop using them, but their shipping & customer service needs to be a little more on top of things, especially when they're up against Amazon & other online competitiveness!

Amazing healing!

I absolutely LOVE this acne scar cream! I got off of Proactive in April 2018 and my acne became horrific since my face went into withdrawal. But it was worth it because I knew Proactive wasn't good for me. I tried a ton of products to help my acne naturally, and TreeActiv has been the only brand that has made a huge difference. I use the following 5 products in the following order: Acne Eliminating Face Cleanser, Balancing Herbal Toner (on a cotton pad-it stops the bleeding of any zits just popped), Acne Eliminating Face Spray (spray on and let dry for 5 min), Acne Eliminating Face Cream (rub in and let dry 15 min), Acne Scar Cream (rub in and let dry). I use the Acne Eliminating Charcoal Mask once a week, but not on my recent zits that are scarred and still healing (otherwise it aggravates the scar tissue).
I know that's a lot of products, but if I had to use just one, it would hands down be the Acne Scar Cream. Once I added that into my regimen, within one week, my skin was plumper and smoother. The deep scars along my jawline were starting to go away within 2 weeks, and after 5 weeks of using, almost all the scars were nearly healed. Some of the really deep scars are still healing, but my skin is 80% better than before the Acne Scar Cream. This product exceeded my expectations!
Helpful Tip: If you have a deep scab that you can tell is going to scar, get ahead of it by keeping a glob of the Acne Scar Cream on it whenever you're at home and at night while you sleep. It'll keep the wound moist and when the scab falls off naturally, there will be beautifully healed skin underneath and no scar!
Below are two pictures of a before and after taken on March 20, 2019, and then on April 16, 2019. You can see how much my face has healed. It's not perfect because I am continuing to get acne due to blocked lymphatic passages, but once I clear that up, I am certain I will be able to get my skin smooth again!! Thanks TreeActiv!

Cystic acne

I stumbled across this product after trying to find out more online about my persistent, itchy, red spots all over my jawline that were not typical blackheads or spots that could be squeezed. When I discovered the term ‘cystic acne’ I came across this product. I started applying a thin layer over the affected area at bedtime - which dried quickly and didn’t stain the pillow. I noticed a significant improvement within a week. I love the natural ingredients in this cream. It is a small tub though, but because it worked for me I have to recommend it.

False advertising

They said you get your next item free on the bottom of product but isn't provided through treeactiv

One review, for free product!

I will give it an 8.5 out of ten. Works well. But not on every spot. I love that your product is cruelty free, and no chemicals! Cant wait to try more!


It’s not helping my cystic acne at all. It actually made more pop up where I put the product on.

I bought this for my teenage daughter

My 13 year old has been using this for a month and it is working amazingly and its easy for her to take care of on her own with out feeling embarrassed to have any one rub a lotion on her or whatever, she uses it ever night after her shower.
So I came back to the site to order a face wash, because she actually this week started spraying it on a cotton ball and applying it to her face and her face has cleared up the best it has been the last 6 months,
I also ordered a body wash!

She had her annual Pediatrics check up and we discussed acne, and the Pediatrician told us to keep using this because she said my daughters back hardly had a pimple left on it and that most kids her age would be jealous of this success story and then she asked me to send her the website so she can buy her own daughter a bottle!

It may seem spendy, but we tried everything else OTC , proactive included and nothing was working till I bought this for her, even the fact she was using a different product on her face, her back was clearing up and not her face till she sneakingly decided to use it on her face too!
We spent more on products that didnt work at all, and to me almost 18/19 dollars a bottle is worth it for my teen to feel more confident and acne free.
I hope it works for every one else this well , over all we are so very thankful for finding this product, I see her self confidence as her acne clears up, increase. Its worth every penny. She is worth everything.

As a mask and a scrub are my favorite!

I love using this as a face scrub! It is an exfoliation experience like no other with an amazing clean finish. The first time I used it as a face mask I forgot it was on for like an hour, best mistake ever. Of course I used it as a scrub when I removed the mask but boy was my face baby soft. It is the perfect multi-use treatment!

Works great in 2-3 weeks!!!

This has really kept my acne at bay, after months of Proactiv+ with ZERO consistency I finally found my forever product!!! I on the far right is the day I started using TreeActiv products, then to the left Day3, then Day 5, then the far left is Day 7!!! It's a miracle!!! My results are with using the TreeActiv acne line.

Prices of product and shipping

I’m enjoying the products but I have a problem with the prices. I bought the acne spot treatment thru Amazon, for that price ($25 plus shipping), I expected the product to be bigger than it was. Especially for that price. The product lasted me less than 2 weeks. I then bought the acne face wash and the acne face cream thru your website and same thing, pretty expensive ($25 for the face wash and $24 for the face cream) and the shipping was the most rediculous part. $15 for standard shipping and then the second option was over $40 for priority shipping. The shipping is more than the product! I enjoy the products but I don’t feel like waiting more than 2 weeks with standard shipping and I also don’t want to pay over $40 for the product to come in faster. When the shipping is more than the product, that’s a problem.

Acne-Free Teenagers

It’s not often that you find teenagers with acne free skin, but “All Things Are Possible” with TreeActiv’s Acne Eliminating Face Cream! Both of our girls enjoy blemish-free skin and when a pimple tries to surface… it is quickly controlled with help of TreeActiv! At 14 and 16 they both love using the Acne Eliminating Face Cream and are quick to let me know when they start running out.

Another Amazing TreeActiv Product!!!

As 46 year old male who suffers with adult cystic acne… TreeActiv products have been a life saver!

I was so impressed with the effectiveness of the Cystic Acne Spot Treatment that I asked my wife if she would like to try-out some of the products herself. She selected the Crepey Skin Repair Treatment and was not disappointed. The results have been astounding! The gobble-gobble chicken neck she loathes has finally met its match and surrendered to TreeActiv’s amazing Crepey Skin Repair Treatment. We noticed results within the first few applications. She is very pleased… So much so, that she noticed I tried it out myself and told me hands off that was hers! LOL… My results have been equally impressive. I noticed the large pores, which I have always hated, primarily on nose and cheeks become smaller and less noticeable. The fines lines a.k.a. ‘Crow’s Feet’ around my eyes have diminished also.

To say the least, we are both very happy to be part of the TreeActiv family!!!

Works Wonders!

I have tried everything under the sun to help minimize the two cystic acne spots on my cheeks, and I was to the point of giving up. I tried this little pot of stuff and it was amazing! It minimized the spots overnight and keeps my skin less irritated. A week later and one spot is almost gone. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone struggling out there!

Amazing for mature skin

I am 55 years old and I didn’t like that my skin was getting dry and sagging with this amazing cream my skin looks younger and toned


...results. I have used this product consistently with absolutely no visible improvements to my skin whatsoever. Unfortunately. But I will add, Products I have used prior to this one also provided no results. So, at least there is that consistency.

Great as a moisturizer!

I'm a 16 year old male with dry-normal acne-prone skin and have tried lots of things to clear up my acne. I have just recently received this cream in the mail and just tested it out. I love the smell, kind of pepperminty-lemony, and I tested a small spot on the back of my hand before applying to my face to make sure I wasn't allergic, and there wasn't a reaction, so i tried it out. It felt GREAT on my skin, and was AMAZINGLY quick to sink in! Like, I mean the SECOND that I put it on, my face just drank it right up, which is odd for me, because every other cream-like product I have tried takes FOREVER to sink in, I'm talking like a good 5+ mins to rub in my moisturizer. I guess this may be because it has jojoba oil in it, which I heard was the closest oil to our face's actual oils. It also has a really REFRESHING tingling to it, not like a burning though, so I think it would be fine for sensitive skin. So I gave this 4 stars because it was really easy to sink in, I loved the tingle, I loved the smell (smelled good for your skin) and my skin feels ACTUALLY moisturized after I used it. I only made it 4 stars because I JUST tried it, so I can not tell you if it actually clears up my acne. Other than that I love this NATURAL product!

Acne Relief

This acne spray does help my son and I. The ingredients are unique and the salicylic acid is the big helper in this spray. When used every day it eases our acne. I use it first and let it sit for a minute before putting on my moisturizer. I would recommend it.