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Great Product

I have been using this scrub for some time now and I love the way it makes my face feel and look after cleaning. I use every night dedicatedly.


Acne Relief Supplement

Improved so well

I spray it on after I wash my hair, massage it in, air dry, then spray again before I style it. It’s already been almost two weeks and my hair feels fresher for longer, soft to the touch, and adds shine to my hair.

Didn’t work like last shipment

I have been using theses products for over a year now. I thought I found gold but...........each re-order seemed to vary in strength and consistency. This time, it didn’t work at all on my cystic acne. Very disappointed

Love it!

The Acne Eliminating face cream feels great and helps moisture my skin. It has calm down the redness and my acne. I will continue buying this product and recommend it to friends and family.

Never received my package

I haven't received my package. The USPS lost it. They delivered it a different address where it got lost. I lost my money and sadly I never got a chance to try this product.

Love it

I really enjoyed the Acne Eliminating Face Cleanser and it makes my face feel clean. I had help with my acne and I love this product.

Four- in-one- acne

I've been using the four in one acne for about 2 weeks now and so far I love it. I don't use it every day- I use it about 3 times a week as either a scrub or a mask. I see results in my skin already! It can be a little messy, and can clog your skin so be careful. But overall I think it's great!


Still haven't received order!

Horrible customer service!

Ordered the cystic acne treatment directly from company since no one else has it in stock. The item was marked as shipped. A week went by and track info still said pre shipment status. I called their Customer Service department and you can't get thru. Instead the recording says to leave a message and someone will get back to you in 24 hours.

I emailed as well 3 days prior. Two days went by and no phone call. I ended up receiving an email with the excuse that the post office lost my shipment....right. It sounds like they never sent my item out instead. I told them that tv is is horrible customer service as no one even called and asked if the shipment could be overnighted at their expense.

Crickets again..... Two days later I get an email with a tracking number and no follow up response in regards to how I felt.

I will never buy from these folks again and honestly when you call it's not even their name. They are owned by another wholesale company. This bottle size is not worth the money or headache. I hope no one else has to go thru this. Customer service is key to any successful business!

I bought this for my teenage daughter

My 13 year old has been using this for a month and it is working amazingly and its easy for her to take care of on her own with out feeling embarrassed to have any one rub a lotion on her or whatever, she uses it ever night after her shower.
So I came back to the site to order a face wash, because she actually this week started spraying it on a cotton ball and applying it to her face and her face has cleared up the best it has been the last 6 months,
I also ordered a body wash!

She had her annual Pediatrics check up and we discussed acne, and the Pediatrician told us to keep using this because she said my daughters back hardly had a pimple left on it and that most kids her age would be jealous of this success story and then she asked me to send her the website so she can buy her own daughter a bottle!

It may seem spendy, but we tried everything else OTC , proactive included and nothing was working till I bought this for her, even the fact she was using a different product on her face, her back was clearing up and not her face till she sneakingly decided to use it on her face too!
We spent more on products that didnt work at all, and to me almost 18/19 dollars a bottle is worth it for my teen to feel more confident and acne free.
I hope it works for every one else this well , over all we are so very thankful for finding this product, I see her self confidence as her acne clears up, increase. Its worth every penny. She is worth everything.


Its an ok product, but just not as effective as I thought for the price. And the amount is very small too...:(


I’m in love with it!

Love this all natural cleanser!!!

It had been so hard to find an acne fighting wash that doesn't contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, both of which irritate my skin and make it worse. I had just been using a green tea scrub, but it wasn't doing much to clear my acne, but just a week of using this wash and my skin is almost completely clear! And a lot of my redness has also dissapeared, because my skin isn't irritated. Thanks for a natural chemical free option in skincare. I've ordered the facial cream as well so I will review on that once I receive it.

Just ok

I bought this product in hope that it would solve the adult acne that I deal with. The product was just ok. Didn’t like the scent of the wash nor the toner. I used all three products in conjunction with one another and can say that I did not see much improvement. I used Proactiv in the past and saw much more results a lot faster. The face cream that’s supposed to fight acne made my face really greasy and I broke out more. I stopped using it and only apply it to my neck. I really wanted to love these products given that they’re all natural but my skin isn’t feeling them. Looks like I will not be a returning costumer.


My daughter has cystic acne and we’ve tried everything to heal it. Over the counter and Rx and nothing works. Treeactiv has helped healed. It’s not gone and she still has the cysts but it seems to draw them out? I don’t know what else to do for her. It breaks my heart.


Seeing results

Severe Acne

I had severe acne, and I tried so many products that just made it worse. However, after two weeks using treeactiv my face is just coming back to be as beautiful as it used to be. I'm so happy with my products, that I'm recommending it to my family members and friends. Thank you for your awesome job.


Acne Exfoliating Body Wash

Never received it

I was sent MEMORY SUPPLEMENTS & told that the mistake was "happening a lot."
This is the 2nd time in a month I received a different item from what I ordered.
TreeActive acne treatments are FABULOUS, and I'm certainly not going to stop using them, but their shipping & customer service needs to be a little more on top of things, especially when they're up against Amazon & other online competitiveness!

Beware: customer service won’t respond

Burns on broken skin, which there will be a lot of bcause this product dries your skin out horribly and you begin to peel. I have more acne now than when I started. I reached out to customer service but to no avail, they do not respond.

Not that great

All these products seem to make my acne worse not better. I did prefer the scrubby things over the cleanser as it did a hood job of taking off the dry skin caused by the other products. Wrote customer service twice and they never responded back. Supposedly I was due two free products and also I asked a question about the cream burning. Hard to promise to guarantee a product when you dont even respond.

Working well so far

I have struggled with acne for all of my teenage and now adult life, and although I have only been using the product for about two weeks, I am pleased with how it is clearing up my skin. My acne has not disappeared, but I can tell that my skin is healing.

Did not receive

Have not yet gotten my order from 13 days ago. And tracking through usps says it has yet to be shipped.

Great Face Wash

I love that it is not harsh, but definitely cleans and exfoliates your face. My skin feels fresh after using it. I plan on making this part of my daily skin care routine.

Acne Eliminating Face Cream

I totally love this produce! I have been prone to Cistic Acne, even well into my 50's. I've used Clearasil in the past but it always dried out my skin. Your product is fantastic! I will continue to order from Treeactiv!

Have not received item

I still have not received this item yet and I called the number listed on the website and left a voicemail and have not heard back from anyone. I am concerned about my package.

Love it

Works great on my acne! First product ever really.


I spray this on my pillow every night - this scent is amazing and so comforting - PLUS I have absolutely noticed a difference in my skin. It makes sense that bacteria on our pillows would break us out, so this brand really is paying attention to eliminating sources of acne anywhere. I appreciate that.
This product is an absolute must if you're trying to prevent acne and/or if you want to discover an amazing scent!

Very decent product

This cystic spot treatment was a very small container and unfortunately after using it for about a week my acne got way worse. I am not sure if it's from this product or what but I had to stop using it.

It's different

I don't know if I'm using this correctly. I want to use as an spot treatment but I'm making it too watery. It says to mix a few drops of water and mix til sugar dissolves I can never get the sugar to dissolve completely. Works amazing as a scrub or mask. It's good stuff. I'm just not getting it right.

I'm a fan!

The first all-natural company I've found that provides extensive options for clearing body acne. I purchased the Acne Body Bundle and after almost two weeks I've noticed a difference. It's refreshing and I always look forward to putting it on after a shower. I'm excited to explore more of their products.


Four-in-One Acne Treatment


Coconut Silk Hair Treatment

Help for tough acne

My daughter used this product and her acne improved by the next morning. She continued to apply the treatment and her acne continued to improve. Thank you!

Finally! Something that works!

I have had a consistent acne since I was a teenager. I have been using this product for almost two weeks and my skin is mostly clear and my overall complexion has improved. I was hesitant to buy when I saw the price, but it was worth it for an effective natural product!

4 in 1

Love the cystic acne and the regular acne stuff. The 4 in 1 is a little confusing. It says to mix til sugar dissolves and that takes a while and when it does finally dissolves it's too watery for spot overnite treatment.


Acne Eliminating Body Spray

Gretchen's Review

Love this product! It makes my blemishes go away overnight!

No Matter How Old You are....You Can STILL Get Acne

At 59 yrs. old I never dreamed I'd be battling acne. Not sure if it's from hormone changes that happen around this age or what....but it's really frustrating. When you finally get to an age where you feel you should be comfortable going out to a grocery store without a full face of make-up, only to be embarrassed about your complexation as if you were a teen again! I have an income where I can and have tried all sorts of items. All of them promise a miracle but none of them deliver it. At least until I tried the Cystic Acne Spot Treatment. I had areas in the hollow of my cheeks and along my jawline that just would NOT go away. These were not your normal pimples like a young adult would get, but something more like small cysts that you could not get out. Nothing OTC helped.
I'm an avid review reader and I'm always searching on Amazon for things because of their reviews so I did a wide search just for acne products. After reading the reviews on several different products, I found Tree Activ products and decided to try the Cystic Acne Spot Treatment since I thought it was the closest to what I had. The 1st little container helped some, but I wasn't feeling amazed. I waited a week and thought I'd go ahead and get another container of the same Cystic Acne Spot Treatment and that's when I started to really see a difference in the grouping of cysts in the hollow of my cheeks and on my chin.
For the first time in 3 years those places are clearing up and smoothing out on my face.
With the guarantee that this company gives you, it sure can't hurt to try their product for yourself.
Menopause is bad enough without having to deal with hormonal acne too!

Small amount, but it works

It doesn't completely cure my acne spots, but it does shrink them..however, the bottle is so tiny and a little doesn't go a long way considering how much spots I cover with this product. You pay a lot for the small amount of product you receive..


Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

face clean



Acne Eliminating Face Cream

Awesome Product!

This mask is just amazing! You feel the benefits from the first use! Best mask ever!!


The cream is a good consistency, smells good. The scrub is very messy but smells great.i do feel these two products are working to reduce the appearance of my cellulite.


Working great on my backne. Helps heal the big, red, itchy and sometimes painful bumps that I am prone to. I also use on my face, where my biggest problem is clogged pores, but diluted with my moisturizer, or as a spot treatment. Skin feels clean all day and smells great. A little goes a long way.

Love it!! Saved my face!

I am soooo thankful I found these supplements! They have been a life saver! My face was going through some major turmoil, I suddenly started breaking out with cystic acne on my chin, I would get a new zit about every other day! I was so upset, and extremely frustrated. I tried different soaps and cleansers, but nothing was helping at all... until I found these pills!!! My face cleared up!! Now, when I do get a zit, it is usually small, and goes away quickly and easily whereas before they would hurt and last for a week or so, and leave ugly marks on my skin. These pills saved my face! I LOVE that they are all natural! Aside from the fact that they make my skin so much better, the fact that they are natural is my next favorite thing about them!!


This is the first acne treatment that has 100% impressed me. Last week I had a huge zit on my chin. I decided to put some of this product on the zit before I went to bed and when I woke up, my zit was actually a lot smaller and didn't hurt anymore! That zit was completely gone in a few days!

Finally a combo body product

I have been looking for a combo product for both acne and exfoliating. This one does the job!