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Great natural treatment

This product has been exactly what my skin needed. I love that it is natural and not the harsh chemicals most products today contain.

Life Changer

This was amazing. I have never had somethin. Clear my skin up and feel so good before. It descresses cystic pimples before they get big and it clears your skin up over night. This is the most perfect treatment ever. Highly Recommend.


Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

Permanent zit

I bought this to treat a zit that won't die. I have used it every night for 2 weeks and the zit seems to be shrinking some. The product stays on all night and doesn't dry my sensitive skin. So far, so good.


Four-in-One Acne Treatment

Crepey Skin Lotion

I cannot use this product because of the "natural fragrance " is offensive. Both my wife and I are extremely sensitive to fragrances and we both have allergies pertaining to this product. Still, I would see if the product would work for me
if I could put it on. Do you have a product like this one that is unscented?



Refreshing and non drying

I like this face wash. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and it doesn’t dry it out like most face washes. Minus 1 star because I have only noticed minimal changes in my acne after two weeks. Minus another because the face wash itself is pretty watered down.

Love it!

Love the scent and feel of the acne eliminating cream. I'm seeing fewer blemishes already and skin isn't dried out!


This sucks! I’ve been using this for 2 weeks now and it’s not working at all. I’ve read all the reviews and everyone loves it but me. Such a waste of money


Love it makes big red painful pimples go down at less 50% in 1 use ,I leave over night
The only bad thing is that it dry very quickly

Already love it after one use

I had the same giant pimple for two and a half weeks, I kid you not. I tried everything from my grandmother's spoon tricks to prescription acne cream and nothing worked. So in a moment of desperation, I spent $18 dollars on a teeny tiny cystic acne spot treatment. This stuff is magic. After one night of using this my pimple went down significantly, and the pain has reduced. Just leave it on all night and wake up with less of a monstrous mound! I just wish I had more of it.


Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

okay, but no apparent results

I'm unsure if I have used it long enough to experience the benefits, but it hasn't worked for me yet. I will keep trying the product and update my review if I notice any substantial positive results.


Cystic Acne Spot Treatment


Balancing Herbal Toner

Seems to work well on painful, deep pimples

I think it works pretty well! I have issues with my hormonal/stress induced acne and my chin has been breaking out in really big, painful pimples for a while now. Whenever I feel one about to pop up, I make sure to put this on it and it seems to alleviate the pain and make it last a shorter time. The feeling when you apply it is very soothing and makes you feel better regardless.

SO FAR Working

I've only been using it for a weekish and I do see a difference. I have these acne spots that are impossible to get rid of. I have tried EVERYTHING. I noticed a difference right away. Small difference, but I am hoping this will work and these impossible acne will be gone soon.

Works quickly

I've only had this a couple days, but I can feel where it is drying up my cystic acne quickly. I can't wait to see results after a little more time.

Slow results

Still learning to incorporate this into my routine, slow but steady results on problem areas.

Better than what I expected!

Although in the picture the container looks bigger than what it really is, but as soon as I tried it I realized that it’s potent enough for my stubburn cystic acne. I was quite impressed with how well it worked. It reduced my cystic acne in matter of days.

Teenage Acne

TreeActiv is a company that we stumbled across after two years of researching and using other options. We are very pleased with both the consistency of the cream and the results.

Acne must be treated internally as well as externally. What you see on the surface exposes the body's need for balance and restoration. The TreeActiv Acne Eliminating Face Cream has been very promising for us. But the true effectiveness of an acne protocol comprises of eliminating sugar, taking specific supplements, and eating healthy foods.

Works really well!

Heals deep pimples quickly without overdrying. More effective than benzoyl peroxide with fewer side effects.

Cystic acne spot treatment

Great product! This product really works , my son uses it for his cystic acne which it is very hard to get rid off. Very natural product and effective.


I have used this several times and it makes my face feel nice

Not satisfied

Had been using the other scent of same product and found this one to be unpleasant. Also found there to be crystals within product, emailed customer service in regards and no answer back

Very Disappointed

I was so excited to get this product. However, I ordered this on December 21, 2017 and today’s date is January 13. 2018 and I still have not received the product. Of course, I have already paid for it. Hopefully, I will get it one day.

My 'go to'...

Ever since trying this product, I do not use anything else for acne. I am 60 years old but still get occasional breakouts due to hormones or touching my face too often. I now use this and the face cream and the sugar scrub 4 in one....don't need anything else for acne...has been keeping my face clear so I can actually treat my aging skin and not worry about zits.


This is the second time ordering where my toner came in half empty because it was not sealed properly.

Perfect lip treatment!

I use this almost every day! Perfect for removing dry skin and makes my lips super soft and moisturized!

The Best

This is the first acne treatment I've used in my life that has worked. It gets rid of acne and makes my face soft! I use it as a scrub daily and as a mask a few times a week. I will continue to buy this!

Miracle Cream

I love ❤️ this cream! It smells wonderful and goes on so nicely just like they promised. It Is truly clearing up my adult acne and I’m so grateful!


great product. Really helped me with my redness from acne.


Oil-Free Advanced Skin Repair Serum


Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

Did Not Receive

I am very frustrated to report that I was billed for this product and notified that it shipped over two weeks ago, but have not received the product. My tracking information shows that the product is in "pre-shipment," and I have called TreeActive and emailed, but have not received a response. I would like a refund or my product ASAP.


Balancing Herbal Toner

So incredible ~ best acne product line ever

After 20+ years of cystic acne & using every RX acne cream, gel, astringent and/or antibiotics & various prescriptions (yes even accutane) I always try every new product available. I stumbled across this company’s spot treatment & became an avid user of it and now use this mask as well as a few other items. I only use organic healthy cosmetics & make my own organic skincare items - so much easier than attempting to shop since we have a chemical free home - knowing TreeActiv cares enough to use pure, organic ingredients and won’t compromise quality for cost sets my mind at ease on so many levels.
My face was 90% covered in cystic acne before trying these products & now i have a couple zits a month tops - I realize I might sound over the top yet I’m so beyond thankful to be able to show my face again instead of hiding! Zero regrets....I can’t put a price tag on getting my smile back!

Great Product

I love this product....This is first product that helped my acne to clear up very quickly...The product started working immediately and I am happy to say I will continue to using this product and recommend this product to my friends and anyone else who has acne problems.

Never received the product

And then they asked me to submit a review. So here it is!

Awesome sauce!

My hubby noticed the difference! That puts a smile of this lady face I’m elated with all of their products! Run to place your order. Your skin will thank you!

Herbal toner

Works best with the cleanser and anti acne cream!

Amazing product

My cystic acne was gone in two days. I’ve never been able to get rid of them until now. Best thing I’ve ever found.


Works great to dry up acne. You can actually feel it penetrating.

The best product

I got the body aches spray I am very happy I been using it everyday and my acne are gone . I love the anti celulite cream my skin look better we will see how it looks after I finish it. I am thinking to order more .


Very pleased with this product.

Life Changing

This cleaner is amazing. The smell of the peppermint in the cleanser is refreshing and effective. I’ve suffered with hormonal acne for years. I’ve seen a huge difference in my skin. It’s clearing up and my break outs have drastically decrease. Looking forward to clear skin. I’ve done lots of research and these products are the best. Please give it a try.

Great Product

I have been using this scrub for some time now and I love the way it makes my face feel and look after cleaning. I use every night dedicatedly.


Acne Relief Supplement

Improved so well

I spray it on after I wash my hair, massage it in, air dry, then spray again before I style it. It’s already been almost two weeks and my hair feels fresher for longer, soft to the touch, and adds shine to my hair.

Didn’t work like last shipment

I have been using theses products for over a year now. I thought I found gold but...........each re-order seemed to vary in strength and consistency. This time, it didn’t work at all on my cystic acne. Very disappointed