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Skin Savior Saved My Face!

I can't afford a dermatologist, so I have tried EVERYTHING for my acne going into my 30s, nothing has worked for me for 20ish years. I've been using Skin Savior for the last 1-2 years, and it has been the ONLY thing besides drinking water that can clear up my acne, and it does so fairly quickly. This has just been a gigantic lifesaver for me, I feel better about myself and my face and I don't have to hide under makeup as much! I can't begin to express how grateful and thankful I am for this product! Please NEVER discontinue this stuff, I don't know what I would do without it!!!

No very satisfied

Love Crepey Skin Repair Treatment

I use this at least once a day and it keeps my skin from feeling dry all day.


Absolutley love it. I've even started recommending it to others. I won't use anything else.

The first used it felt like my skin was burning so I lower the time, but after two uses my skin got burned anyway now I have dark spots in my face.

Acne Eliminating Face Cream

Creepy Skin Mask

Great item. Love it

The best product!

Works better than anything I’ve ever used from the dermatologist and it’s natural and smells great.

Love it all.

Crepes Skin Repair Cream

This cream keeps my skin hydrated and does help with creepiness- I use it 2xdaily and it is much better than any other cream I have ever used- I would recommend it

This face cream is great. Hands down the best I have found to date. I use it twice daily and have no acne since I started.

Cystic Acne Spot Treatment

Love, Love this Pillow Spray!!!

This product is awesome! I use it every night, I spray everything on my bed, pillows, sheets, etc I only wish it came in a bigger size. The smell is wonderful and it helped my breakouts on my face.

great product

Love this pain reliever works immediately


It works magic!

Works fast!!

This really works. I had cystic acne and I tried so many supplements, creams and medications but after almost two weeks on this supplement, my face is clearing up. I’m ordering more before it ends. I like that I can reduce the dosage once I have my desired results or stop it completely. That shows that this helps clear the problem.

Dries out acne spot

This is my second purchase. Though the packaging is small, it really works. It will dry out your acne easily. I wish they made it bigger so I could use it on my entire face regularly but it definitely works.

Nourishing spray

Absolutely love the bamboo nourishing spray for myself and my toddler. Her hair grew a significant amount from it.

Really like it so far!

Love this Linen Spray!!

I use this spray every day to freshen my pillow and sheets. It smells so good. I also use it to freshen up my curtains, throw blankets and couch cushions. I will definitely purchase again.

Crepey Skin Treatment

It's one of the best I've tried. Thank you!

Anti-Aging Solution

Nevers received it

Still haven't received after 20days

Great feeling and really does help!

I put this on after washing my face with warm water and drying. The feeling is fantastic! And it really does help those bumps and whiteheads that try to stick around.