Lavender Nourishing Hair Tonic


Hair Growth Daily Nourishing Spray

Grow thicker and healthier hair with our hair tonics. TreeActiv Hair Tonics can be used as a light spritz or a leave-in conditioner to treat split ends while repairing and moisturizing damaged hair from the roots. With potent ingredients like biotin, vitamin B5, and tea tree, our tonics promote hair growth while reducing hair loss by removing dry skin from the scalp and moisturizing the skin where natural oils are washed away with normal shampooing. Our formula also helps to reduce frizz, adds shine, and gives your hair weightless body thanks to ingredients like keratin, argan oil, and silk amino acids. Some happy customers have reported that this product noticeably lessened the symptoms of psoriasis.

This product is vegetarian, because the formula contains silk amino acids (these are only processed after the silk worm has safely left the cocoon).

How To Use

TreeActiv Hair Tonics can be used in a variety of ways, on wet or dry hair:

  1. Use as a leave-in conditioner: Apply generously to damp scalp after washing hair, massage in, and dry as desired. 
  2. Use as a volume hair spritz: Spritz on to clean, damp hair then use hands to disperse evenly and dry as preferred. Can also be applied to dry hair.
  3. Use as a split ends treatment: Spray on to ends generously after washing and massage into ends. 

Use as often as desired.

Featured Ingredients:

All TreeActiv products are handmade in the USA, cruelty-free, 100% vegetarian, non-GMO, palm oil free & paraben free

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Great Product

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now. I spray it in my hair after getting out of the shower and massage it into my head for a couple of minutes. I have also sprayed it into dry hair. I have very thin, fine blonde hair and it does not weigh me down or make me greasy. I cannot say a lot about hair growth yet, I have to use it for longer. My hair is very difficult and takes forever to grow. But so far I like this product and I love the ingredients used in it

Favorite Hair Product

I love this hair tonic so so much!!! It makes my hair feel amazing andI after a couple weeks of using it I can tell a positive change in my hair. It's so soft, shiny, and my scalp is less dry and itchy.

Good for daily use and cruelty free

I have long hair so a leave-in is a must for me but I'm kind of particular. I want something that won't build up overtime and I prefer not to apply with my hands. The spray is really convenient for me plus I was pretty pleased that the lavender scent is subtle and doesn't clash with other fragrances that I use. So far no build-up so I'll be purchasing again in the other fragrance options. Success!

A pleasant surprise

Disclaimer: I received this at a discounted rate (because who doesn't love discounts) but this is my honest opinion and experience based on this product and do hope that I can be helpful.I was so excited to review this because it is a Lavender Mist. Its difficult to see the ingredients so I will list them here:Distilled WaterPeppermint HydrosolTea tree HydrosolCoconut WaterCeterimonium ChloridSilk Amino AcidsPro Vitmain B-5Vita PlexBiotinLicorice ExtractArgan OilPeg 80KeratinNatural FragranceLiquid Germal PlusI had noticed other reviews mentioning a good amount of hair growth and was skeptical because this is just a hair tonic but with a B vitamin as well as Biotin, its easy to believe that this really does promote hair growth. I used this today on my dry hair, and it really is a nice and light moisturizer. This also feels GREAT on my scalp. I have Alopecia and have a few spots that are inflamed and this really cools down my scalp which really does make me happy. This also smells really nice and even though it has tea tree in it, it is not dominating (which I like) because tea tree is powerful. I really love this product and will be sure to update if I see any additional hair growth but as of nowit does what it says.Hope this helps.FYI: Just because I receive a product at a discounted rate DOES not mean that the review has to be a positive one!

Good for Healing Dry Hair

I purchased this more to help heal my scraggly hair (well water) than to help it grow. In that aspect, it's awesome! It has improved the texture of my hair, reduced fly-aways and split-ends, and increased shine without making my roots greasy. The smell is a bit strong but definitely bearable.I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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