Camphor Oil

Camphor Oil (Cinnamomum camphora)

The TreeActiv team is focused on providing you with products that will give you an experience unlike any other type of product currently on the market. We believe that beauty and health are both attainable in one product, and you should not have to choose between one or the other. TreeActiv products contain only the best ingredients to help achieve this goal. These ingredients, such as Camphor Oil, are chosen because they help to provide both a physical and mental sense of well-being. We also wanted to provide you with some information on Camphor Oil and why it was chosen.

So, What’s Up With Camphor Oil?

  • Camphor Oil comes from the camphor tree, which is native to China, Japan, and Taiwan.

  • The essential oil derived from the camphor tree is extracted through steam distillation from chipped wood, root stumps, and branches and is then filter pressed.

  • Camphor Oil is produced in three main fractions, divided by color of white, brown, and yellow, during the steam distillation process.   

  • White Camphor Oil is the only fraction used for health and beauty benefits, commonly found as an ingredient in skin ointments and creams to ease skin irritations and diseases.

  • Camphor Oil is usually added to massage oils to relieve muscle stiffness and cramps, and thus reducing stress.

  • Additionally, Camphor Oil is used as an anti-inflammatory agent when used as a body lotion for irritated skin.

Why Do We Use Camphor Oil In TreeActiv Products?

Camphor Oil is used in TreeActiv products due to its therapeutic effects on the skin and muscle tissues to relieve stress and reduce inflammation.  Camphor Oil is also commonly used as an ingredient in aromatherapy. The use of Camphor Oil in body lotion is important for allowing healthy skin to replace aged or damaged skin cells that would normally be inflamed, and helps to quicken the healing process for irritated skin cells.

TreeActiv Products That Contain Camphor Oil:

Some Fun Facts About Camphor Oil:
  • A camphor tree has to be matured enough, at least 50 years, to be able to produce a renewable supply of Camphor Oil.
  • The essential oil in Camphor Oil emits an intense penetrating scent when concentrated, which makes it an effective insect repellent and is popular for use in moth balls.
    TreeActiv Camphor Oil Health Benefits

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