Raw Honey

Raw Honey

It is our mission here at TreeActiv to not only make you look and feel beautiful, but also to offer products that are sourced from nature. We strive to provide the best of what nature can offer. This is your health after all - you deserve a balanced beauty and wellness routine that will take you to your best self.

So, What’s Up with Raw Honey?

Honey is perhaps the most naturally complete food on Earth that we can consume as-is and raw. It’s a natural sweetener which gives recipes outstanding flavor and offers a variety of therapeutic benefits. Apart from delighting your taste buds, Raw Honey can also be a sweet delight to your skin.

It’s a popular ingredient in face masks and other beauty products because of its high nutrient density, rich antioxidant content, and powerful antiseptic properties. You may already have it in your pantry, so why not start utilizing its many benefits in your beauty regimen today? Raw Honey is the sweet, golden liquid produced by bees from the nectar of flowers. Discovery of its vast health and beauty benefits has been long used to address and treat a wide array of conditions. Honey can help treat coughs to ulcers to skin infections.

Why Do We Use Raw Honey in TreeActiv Products?

We love Raw Honey here at TreeActiv because it contains a multitude of health and beauty benefits. For one, honey is antibacterial with a wide spectrum of antibacterial agents that can combat infection and a balance pH level to fend off bacteria and germs. Raw Honey is a natural cleanser and is gentle enough to be applied to the eyes. Raw Honey can help dissolve makeup while moisturizing the skin, and can also be effective at unclogging pores and removing deep-rooted dirt and oil. The antibacterial properties help with acne as well, as it neutralizes a lot of acne-causing bacteria.

TreeActiv Products That Contain Raw Honey

Some Fun Facts About Raw Honey

  • Raw Honey is a natural humectant; meaning, it helps skin retain moisture, thus providing long-lasting hydration. It can draw moisture from the air, and then feed it to your skin.
  • Raw Honey is ideal for all skin types and does wonders treating varied skin ailments, such as eczema, acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Raw Honey’s pH level is 4.5 on a scale of 10, which is within the skin's natural healthy pH range.
  • Raw Honey provides potent clarifying effects as it opens up pores and easily unclogs them.
  • Raw Honey is a great wound healer because it helps stimulate tissue growth and can help minimize scar formation.
  • To make one pound of Raw Honey, it requires 60,000 bees collecting from over 2 million flowers.


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