Matcha (Camellia Sinensis)

It is our mission here at TreeActiv to provide you with the latest and greatest products that can help you look and feel your best. That is why we strive to innovate our products from the best natural ingredients in the world. One of the most interesting new ingredients in skincare today is Matcha. Yes, you read that correctly - Matcha, like the tea.

So, What’s Up With Matcha?

Matcha is widely recognized as a tea. However, this bright emerald ingredient does even more as a health elixir. It’s gained recent popularity in the West, but Matcha has been used for centuries and its use dates back as early as the 1100’s.

This superfine powder is derived from ground tea leaves and is packed with powerful antioxidants, the most beneficial of which is called “catechin polyphenols”. In layman’s term, these polyphenols act as fire extinguishers to help put out inflammation throughout the body. Matcha is also a powerful antioxidant that helps trap and neutralize free-radicals. When applied topically to the skin, Matcha can impede the visible signs of aging. This makes it a powerhouse for anti-aging and is also an ideal ingredient to treat frustrating skin conditions, like rosacea and acne.

Why Do We Use Matcha In TreeActiv Products?

  • Matcha has high levels of antioxidants that control the negative effects of free radicals.

  • Matcha has anti-inflammatory properties which protect the body from inflammation and can minimize acne breakouts and other visible skin conditions.  

  • Matcha can help slow skin cell degeneration, which in turn, slows down skin aging.

  • Matcha can make skin tighter, brighter, and smoother.

  • Matcha is a natural antibiotic with active substances including catechins, Vitamins A and C, calcium, protein, potassium, and iron.

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Some Fun Facts About Matcha:
  • Matcha is more powerful than regular tea. In fact, it has 137 times more antioxidants than the regular.teas. Matcha is finely ground whole green tea leaves, which makes it more potent compared to other teas that just steep in water and are removed before drinking.

  • Matcha has more caffeine than coffee. A teaspoon of Matcha contains 70mg of caffeine, compared to 64mg in a shot of espresso.

  • Matcha is commonly known as the “Wonder Drink”. This term was coined by researchers because of Matcha’s multiple health benefits. Matcha contains potassium, calcium, protein, and more.

  • Matcha boosts metabolism and can help burn calories. Studies shows that regular Matcha drinkers have 35-40% higher metabolic rates.

  • Matcha is sensitive to heat and light. So store Matcha in tight containers away from the sun. This also helps preserve its antioxidants.


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