Peppermint Water

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Peppermint Water

Peppermint Water (M. balsamea)

TreeActiv has a reputation for providing natural, healthy products that embrace a chemical-free and environmentally-safe approach to cosmetics. As a result, you’ve likely seen various "waters" in our products. In this post, we are talking about one of our favorites - Peppermint Water. While it may sound like something you’d have for a refreshing drink on a warm summer’s day, Peppermint Water is actually a bit more complicated, and great deal more interesting, than that.


What Is Peppermint Water?

To define Peppermint Water first requires defining a hydrosol (which is technically what Peppermint Water is). “Hydrosol” may sound frighteningly industrial, but it’s actually just a natural co-product of creating essential oils. Essential oils are the vital essence (hence, "essential") of a plant in oil form, extracted in a process known as hydro-distillation. While the oil floats to the surface to be carefully extracted away, hydrosols or "floral waters" (See, isn’t that less scary?) are just the water that’s left behind. Essential oils and floral waters often have some similar properties, but floral waters, in particular, are great for cosmetics while still being healthy for the environment!

Ok… So Why Peppermint?

Ahhhh the fun question. Because it smells great and is delicious? No. Stop. You could technically eat our cosmetics..but while peppermint is delicious, you’re bound to find yourself disappointed if you try to ingest them. Instead, let’s talk about what it can do for your hair and your skin (after that, we’ll take a brief nod to its more internal uses, but again, no matter how good they may smell, we strongly suggest that you do not eat our cosmetics)
  • Antiseptic/Antibacterial – Many blemishes, including blackheads, can be traced back to the action of unhealthy bacteria on your skin. Peppermint Water is amazing at taming these little beasts and leaving your skin free and clear.

  • Cools and Brightens Skin – We know, it’s a ridiculous term, but there’s no other way to describe the way that your skin looks after enjoying the cooling effect of menthol.

  • Dandruff Fighting – You’ll find Peppermint Water in many of our hair care products. It helps soothe and condition the scalp (especially helps with the itch!) Peppermint Water has even been shown to be an effective treatment for dandruff. Some of you may love the snow, but it's never appreciated on someone's shoulders.

  • Moisturizes & Encourages Hair Growth – Along with balancing your natural scalp oil production, Peppermint Water also aids in moisturizing your hair and stimulating follicles from the roots for growth.

  • Makes You Happy - The fragrance of peppermint has been shown to improve mood, alleviate stress, and ease headaches that formed in association with anxiety. It’s just about perfect all the way around. Plus, Peppermint Water just smells great!

Why isn’t everyone using Peppermint Water?!

Ultimately it comes down to cost - naturally distilled Peppermint Water is pricier than chemical solutions. Alternatives like synthetic menthol only contain one aspect of what pure Peppermint Water brings to the table. Artificial menthol can be created in a lab, but the benefits of natural peppermint involve more than just that one chemical reaction. Plants are complex systems that come with a variety of benefits that can’t be properly synthesized in a lab.

Here at TreeActiv, we never use synthetic substitutes and use real natural Peppermint Water in our products. Just like everything else, we opt for the natural solution, every time.

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