Sulfur Mud

TreeActiv creates products made of only the finest ingredients our earth has to offer. We have traveled far and wide to bring you specific natural ingredients because we believe them to be essential to the health of your hair and skin. When deciding what is right for your daily routine, it is important to know exactly what goes into the products you plan to use. We make it our priority to bring you a line of skin and hair care products that not only have you looking your best, but feeling that way as well! With that, we want to share with you everything we know about our fantastic, all-natural ingredients. Here is everything we have learned about Sulfur Mud and how it can help give you the results you are looking for.


What In The World Is Sulfur Mud?

  • Sulfur Mud is a naturally occurring clay that is rich in essential minerals, like aluminum and iron.

  • Sulfur is created naturally and is an essential chemical element. Its many benefits span far and wide and are often used in antibiotics to help boost the immune system and fight off infection.  

  • Sulfur Mud is a known “keratolytic” and will help shed dead and excess skin and promote cell turnover. It will unclog pores and dry out existing blemishes without dehydrating skin.

  • Sulfur Mud is a mild antiseptic that works to stop the creation and sustainability of acne causing bacteria.

  • Sulfur has been used medicinally for centuries and is essential to the health of our connective tissues like bones, skin, and teeth.


Why We Use Sulfur Mud At TreeActiv:

Sulfur Mud is naturally occurring and as a clay, has a thick texture. Sulfur on it’s own is essential to the health of our skin. Sulfur Mud will take care of this need as well as provide your skin with other essential minerals, like aluminum and iron. Seeing that Sulfur is an effective keratolytic (unlike the processed cousin benzoyl peroxide) it will exfoliate without dehydrating. This process will clear your pores while balancing surface oils on your skin, giving you a smooth, soft complexion. Sulfur will also work to prevent the creation and spread of acne causing bacteria. This will clear present breakouts and help to prevent them in the future. Sulfur Mud does all this, while it’s essential mineral components actively strengthen your skin and improve its overall health, giving you a welcoming glow.


TreeActiv Products With Sulfur Mud:


Fun Facts About Sulfur Mud:
  • Sulfur is essential to the life of all living things on the planet.

  • The chemical element symbol for Sulfur is “S” and it’s atomic number is 16 on the periodic table.

  • A French chemist by the name of Antoine Lavoisier declared Sulfur as a basic element in 1777.  


TreeActiv Sulfur Mud Health Benefits


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