Sulfur Powder

Sulfur Powder

Here at TreeActiv, we believe that knowledge is power. With so many products claiming to be “all natural”, it is important that savvy consumers actually look closer. Many companies share false claims and use artificial ingredients, chemical additives, and other nasty ingredients that we do not need our body absorbing. We invite you with open arms to take a closer look into our ingredients and learn about their individual properties and benefits. We know that once you learn about the benefits provided by truly natural ingredients, you will be on your way to making the best decision to care for your body and overall well being. Here is everything we know about Sulfur Powder and how it can help you look and feel your best.

Sulfur Powder? What is that?

  • Sulfur Powder is processed Sulfur that is ground into a superfine powder. It is then heated and melted down to remove any impurities that may be harmful to the skin. It is a known keratolytic, meaning it exfoliates and prohibits the creation and sustainability of blemishes and acne.

  • Sulfur Powder has been used medicinally for centuries; most predominantly in China and other locations in the far east. It is referred to as “Liu Huang” and is used for its countless benefits to the skin.

  • Sulfur Powder will work to remove excess oil without dehydrating the skin.

  • Sulfur Powder actively unclogs your skin’s pores and promotes cell turnover by removing excess and dead skin, especially in problem areas.

  • Sulfur is created naturally and is an essential chemical element. Its many benefits span far and wide and are often used in antibiotics to help boost the immune system and fight off infection.  


How Can Sulfur Powder Improve Your Daily Routine?

Sulfur is essential to providing your skin with a strong and smooth complexion. Because of its keratolytic properties, Sulfur Powder is able to to penetrate and unclog pores in problem areas. You’ll find that many products use keratolytics, like Benzoyl Peroxide, to achieve this result. However, the problem with these produced compounds is that they actively dry out your skin in the process. Sulfur Powder does not share this side effect, In fact, it works to balance surface oils and reduce shine, while allowing your skin to retain an appropriate amount of moisture.

Sulfur Powder also has the advantage of having antibacterial and antiseptic properties that prevent acne-causing bacteria to thrive and spread throughout your skin. So, as Sulfur Powder heals, it continues to defend your skin from future breakouts. The sum of all these wonderful benefits yields incredible results! Sulfur Powder will help transform your skin from the base, up. Leaving you with a smooth, firm, and balanced complexion.

TreeActiv Products Containing Sulfur Powder.

Fun Facts About Sulfur Powder:
  • The chemical element symbol for Sulfur is “S” and its atomic number is 16 on the periodic table.

  • A French chemist by the name of Antoine Lavoisier declared Sulfur a basic element in 1777.  

  • Sulfur has been used by humans for centuries and is referred to in ancient texts, like The Bible, as “brimstone.”   

TreeActiv Sulfur Powder Health Benefits

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