The Science of How Coconut Helps Your Hair

Many healthy hair products use coconut-based ingredients to help hair grow thicker, longer, and faster. So what’s the science behind this claim?

Coconut is an abundant source of medium chain fatty acids that are nourishing to the scalp and hair. The fatty acids in coconut are smaller and they can penetrate your hair faster and deeper than other conditioners. One of the top fatty acids in coconut is Lauric Acid, a saturated fat that naturally occurs in breast milk.

Lauric Acid has an affinity for hair proteins and helps restore the protein content in hair. Just like feeding your body protein, coconut helps your hair retain protein so it stays strong, durable, and full. Other benefits include elasticity and easy styling. The antioxidants in coconut have antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

This process of retaining protein will strengthen and reconstruct the hair strands. An abundance of protein in your hair will help your overall hair health. Protein is recommended for those who are lightening, coloring, or chemically texturing their hair.

As your hair goes through washes, styling products, and coloring, it can damage the protective outer layer of your hair which is known as the cuticle. The damage to the outer layer then exposes the inner layers of your hair. The exposure can lead to fragile and thin hair that is prone to breakage. The protein retention powers of coconut help your hair protect against exposure.

Coconut-based ingredients lead to overall hair growth and health by providing protection from damage caused by wind, sun, smoke, and water. In addition, protection from protein loss and reduction in breakage. Other possible benefits of coconut in your hair include lice prevention, dandruff treatment, and hair loss prevention.

At TreeActiv, we have a number of proprietary hair formulas that include coconut-based ingredients. Our customers have left fantastic reviews for our line of hair products that include ingredients like coconut oil, coconut milk, and coconut water. Below are four products from TreeActiv that contain coconut-based ingredients for healthy and beautiful hair. 

1. Coconut Silk Hair Treatment

2. Grapefruit & Lemongrass Hair Growth Nourishing Spray Tonic

3. Lavender Hair Growth Nourishing Spray Tonic

4. Bamboo Sugarcane Hair Growth Nourishing Spray Tonic

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