Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil (Calophyllum inophyllum)

Here at TreeActiv, we actively pursue new and old natural alternatives for many of the ailments we experience with our skin and hair. We believe that today’s focus on creating cheap and artificial ingredients is just not the way to go - we believe that nature really provides what we need, if we have the patience to look for it. Down in the South Pacific, there is an amazing oil extracted from the nuts of the Tamanu Tree. This oil feels absolutely luscious on the skin and we just had to learn more. When we did, we couldn’t refrain from adding it to our products. Read on to learn more about Tamanu Oil.


So, What Exactly Is Tamanu Oil?

  • Tamanu Oil has skin regenerative qualities that have been effective in treating psoriasis, eczema, and even diabetic sores.

  • Tamanu Oil is extracted by cold pressure to keep the pure essence of the oil unaltered and as potent as possible.

  • Tamanu Oil contains calophyllic acid, an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to sooth redness in the skin and reduce irritation from insect bites.

  • Tamanu Oil contains lactone, a powerful antibiotic, which can combat the bacteria associated with acne.

  • Tamanu Oil is hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate the skin or cause a negative reaction. Its composition includes 3 fatty acids which nourish the skin, moisturize, and leave you with a beautifully smooth complexion.

Why Do We Use Tamanu Oil In Our Products?

Tamanu Oil has a long history of being used in natural remedies, and is revered for its ability to support and regenerate the skin. Its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties prove to be a powerful force to combat acne and help balance irritated skin.

The use of Tamanu Oil has even been used to combat severe ailments from arthritis to sciatica. Tamanu Oil is considered most effective when applied topically to skin conditions, such as acne. So naturally, we decided to use Tamanu Oil in some of our TreeActiv Products.

The rich, natural fatty acids in this oil  help to eliminate acne and rejuvenate skin, and have also been shown to be effective in reducing and eliminating scarring.


Which TreeActiv Products Contain Tamanu Oil?


Fun Facts About Tamanu Oil:
  • The Tamanu Tree is native to the country of Vanuatu (a group of around 80 small islands in the South Pacific Ocean), and can also grow in Guam, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  • The Melanesian People of Vanuatu have used this oil for centuries! The bark and the leaves of the tamanu tree are also used in various healthy and beauty methods.
  • It takes 100 kilograms of Tamanu Nuts to produce 5 kilograms of cold pressed Tamanu Oil.
  • Tamanu Nut Oil is also often made into a butter to be used for treating animal sores and other irritations. Horses, dogs, and even cats, have been treated with this.
  • Pure Tamanu Oil is a rich, deep-green, and strongly aromatic oil.
TreeActiv Tamanu Oil Health Benefits

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