Another fantastic member of the TreeActiv ingredient family is Keratin - a vital structural component of healthy nails and hair. As part of our mission to educate on the benefits of natural ingredients, we are going to share some insight into this ingredient today. Read on to learn more about Keratin.


So, What Does Keratin Do Beyond “Hair and Nails”?

Keratin has been tossed into marketing materials regarding hair and nails for as long as we can recall. But what does Keratin actually do to benefit your hair and nails? Keratin plays an important part in what is medically referred to as our masticatory system, which translates to essentially everything involved with chewing. Once your food is broken down properly, then the body can absorb nutrients to disperse for use in the rest of your body.

The vast majority of Keratin in the beauty industry comes from animal sources and is not vegetarian or vegan. Here at TreeActiv, we only use Keratin derived from plant amino acids, so you can be happy knowing that nothing we ever use comes at the expense of our animal friends in any way.
  • Keratin is a “fibrous structural protein” composed of 18 amino acids and is the core component of what makes up hair, nails, and our epidermis (outer layer of skin).

  • Keratin comes in different types; a-keratins are in human hair and nails, while b-keratins are harder and found in reptiles and other animals.

  • Keratin is known to increase hair strength, enhance elasticity, help protect hair from harsh chemical processing, and makes hair appear more shiny and healthy.

  • Keratin production in the body is increased by eating eggs, yogurt, cheese, nuts, and quinoa, all of which are high in the proteins needed for the body to create Keratin.

  • Keratin in the body also plays a major role in the health and durability of epithelial cells (cells that line soft tissues in your body like mouth and throat).

  • Keratin in the body also provides strength and reinforcement in the tongue, hard palate, and TMJ (where the cheek bones connect with the jaw), thus aiding us in chewing and digesting our food.

  • Keratin reduces frizzy hair and creates a seal that retains moisture and elasticity in your hair.

Why Do We Use Keratin In TreeActiv Products?

We want you to feel beautiful, be strong, and live a healthy life. Our company is strongly dedicated to providing healthy, chemical-free options to support natural health and the beauty that starts on the inside. Keratin is created by cells called “keratinocytes”, which work to build a protective layer that encourages and retains flexible strength while sealing moisture in, thus helping to keep toxins out. We use plant-derived Keratin in some of our hair products to strengthen hair and add that healthy shine for long term damage control and stability of the hair follicles.


TreeActiv Products With Keratin:

Some Fun Facts about Keratin:
  • Keratin is often referred to as “liquid skin” due to its ability to improve and balance skin’s elasticity and prompt new skin cell production.

  • Keratin is also found in the hooves and horns of different animals.

  • Baleen plates found in filter-feeding whales are made of Keratin.


TreeActiv Keratin Health Benefits


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