Tea Tree Water

 Tea Tree Water (Melaleuca alternifolia)

The Tea Tree has long been valued for its wide range of uses in health and beauty applications. Derived from the leaves of the Tea Tree, this plant is usually found around Australia and New Zealand. Tea Tree Water is also known as Tea Tree Hydrosol. Essential Waters are the water that remains when essential oils are extracted, leaving a mild, gentle ingredient with all the beneficial properties of Tea Tree. There are some amazing properties that all Tea Tree variances have in common, but Tea Tree Water is the best to use as a base or for more sensitive skin types that may react with highly concentrated forms.


So, What’s Up With Tea Tree Water?

  • Skin toner: Tea Tree Water helps to clear pores and tighten skin while removing excess oil.

  • Mouthwash: Tea Tree Water’s antibacterial and antifungal properties make it a great mouthwash and breath freshener (just don’t ingest it).

  • Deodorant: When used in deodorants, Tea Tree Water will help clear away body odor by eliminating bacteria.

  • Sterilizing wounds: Tea Tree Water has been used throughout history to heal cuts and scrapes.

  • Treating acne: due to its antibacterial properties, Tea Tree Water is a mighty foe against acne.

  • Treating dry skin: Tea Tree Water will clean and moisturize your skin to leave it clear and healthy.

  • Antifungal treatment: Tea Tree Water is a great way to handle skin issues, like athlete’s foot or nail infections.

  • Treating damaged skin: Tea Tree Water is great for sunburns and other burns.


Why Do We Use Tea Tree In TreeActiv Products?

Tea Tree Water is kind of miraculous with all it can do: it’s antibacterial, antifungal, moisturizing, toning, and a powerful astringent. Tea Tree Water is great for sensitive skin types and provides a soothing, gentle, alternative to concentrated oils. With properties like these in one all-natural source, it’s no surprise that we use Tea Tree Water in many of our products.

TreeActiv Products That Contain Tea Tree Water:

Some Fun Facts about Tea Tree Water:

In the 1920’s, Arthur Penfold discovered that Tea Tree Water is milder and stronger than carbolic acid, a popular disinfectant of the time.

  • In World War II, Australian soldiers were issued Tea Tree Oil in their first aid kits to help heal wounds and fight off infection.


TreeActiv Tea Tree Water Health Benefits


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