Vitamin A (Retinol)

Vitamin A (Retinol)

Here at TreeActiv, we believe that in order to look your best, you have to feel your best! We search to the far ends of the earth to find the finest ingredients that do just that! It is important to know about the products you use daily, and how they affect the health of your skin and hair. We have compiled quite a bit of information on this subject in our research, and feel it necessary to share this information with you. Here is everything we know about Vitamin A and why we use it in our top reviewed products.


So, What Does Vitamin A Do?

  • Vitamin A is a chemical compound known as a retinoid. Retinoids provide our bodies with many benefits from improved vision to  efficient tissue growth and sustainability.

  • Vitamin A has been known to combat multiple forms of cancer. Daily intake is recommended, while higher dosages can be used medicinally.

  • Vitamin A will increase blood-flow to the skin’s surface. This efficiently promotes circulation and cell turnover.

  • Vitamin A helps to hydrate skin cells, while decreasing sebum production, and defends against acne and blemishes.

  • Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that helps to maintain healthy skin through gene regulation (monitors production of certain genes) and cell differentiation (allowing cells to change cell type).

  • Vitamin A works to strengthen and condition your hair and scalp! It actively improves thickness and defends against acne.


Why Do We Use Vitamin A In TreeActiv Products?

Vitamin A plays a major role in your body’s health and contributes to your natural beauty. Vitamin A (Retinol) is a known retinoid. Retinoids work with receptors in your skin to reach all the way down to its lower layer, known as dermis. Vitamin A then helps to increase levels of naturally produced collagen (main structural protein in skin tissue) . This process gives your skin a firm and strong structure and can help reverse the process in which wrinkles and other signs of aging form. This, along with an increased blood-flow to the skin’s surface, promotes circulation and cell turnover! Vitamin A is essential in giving your skin the structure and balance it needs to thrive.

There are many characteristics of Vitamin A that make it great for hair care products. The antioxidants found in Vitamin A will actively moisturize and condition your scalp. This gives your hair a consistent and balanced shine, while actively defending it against dryness and dandruff. Vitamin A is also a formidable opponent of free radicals that weigh down and weaken your hair. Using Vitamin A will strengthen your hair all the way down to the follicle, giving it the structure and thickness you are looking for. All in all, Vitamin A is here to help your skin and hair reach their fullest potential!


TreeActiv Products With Vitamin A (Retinol):

Fun Facts About Vitamin A (Retinol):
  • Vitamin A is extremely important to the efficiency of both your vision and bone structure, which makes it an essential daily vitamin.

  • The recommended daily intake of Vitamin A for adults is around 2,333 international units. Vitamin A deficiency is common in developing countries.


TreeActiv Vitamin A  Retinol Health Benefits


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