Spring Skin Care Tips: 5 Easy Steps to Get That Glow Back

It’s official. Spring has sprung! As the season changes, your skin tends to change too. It’s time to update your skincare routine with healthy skin tips for spring. As the weather shifts from cold and dry to humid and moist, it’s important that the skincare products you’re using and the way you’re using them reflect the seasonal change. 

Tips for Good Skin in Spring

Here are five easy skin tips to incorporate in your daily skincare routine.

Don’t Skip Out on Exfoliation

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During the winter, skin tends to become dry, rough, and dull because environmental humidity is low, which causes moisture in the skin to evaporate more quickly. Shed off winter skin by using a gentle body scrub to slough off dry skin and dead skin cells. With proper exfoliation, the skin becomes free from dead skin and impurities, revealing fresher, smoother skin underneath. With dead skin cells removed, other skin care products such as moisturizers can effectively penetrate deeply into the skin. TreeActiv Crepey Skin Exfoliating Body Polish is the perfect body scrub to assist in skin renewal and rejuvenation. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids that amplify the body scrub’s exfoliating power by stimulating skin regeneration.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

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Your body organs need ample hydration to function properly. Remember! Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Make sure to stay hydrated to keep your skin from getting dry and flakey. During the warmer months, the skin tends to hold more water, but hydration is just as important for your skin whether it’s spring or winter. You can also use TreeActiv Ultra Hydrating Body Lotion. It contains a unique blend of deeply moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. These ingredients lock in moisture for longer skin hydration, making skin soft and supple.

Opt for a Lighter, Brighter Moisturizer

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During warmer seasons like spring and summer, weather can only mean two things: humidity and rain. As the temperature rises, humidity also increases. High humidity causes pores to open up, making them more prone to collecting debris and dirt, and skin to secrete more sweat and sebum. The result is slick, greasy-looking skin. Take care of your skin by applying products that help control sebum production. Choose a light moisturizer that keeps skin feeling fresh without adding weight Don’t forget sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Heavier and creamier formulations may contribute to pore blockage and acne breakouts. TreeActiv Safflower Oleosomes Daily Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30 is a good example of a moisturizing sunscreen that gives superior sun protection while maintaining healthy moisture balance. It utilizes Sunflower Seed Oil and Safflower Oleosomes, which work together to hydrate the skin and retain moisture. 

Wear Sunscreen Everyday

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Wear sunscreen -- no ifs or buts! This is one skincare rule you should definitely follow all year round. If you think you should only wear sunscreen at the beach, think again! Harmful UV rays can still damage your skin even on cloudy days. With sunnier days ahead, incidental sun exposure even for only 10 to 15 minutes daily, can add up over time, resulting in significant sun damage. This could lead to inevitable skin woes like accelerated photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. Make sure to invest in a high-SPF sunscreen to ensure peak protection, and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Stash

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Just like spring cleaning your home, the skincare products and makeup you use need to be re-evaluated to clear out anything that is past its expiration date. Sort through your stash and toss out anything that is over six months old. Using expired products may actually harm your skin. Bacteria can accumulate over time and infect your skin, causing inflammation and clogging pores. In short, get rid of products you don’t use. Similarly, makeup brushes and sponges need to be cleaned at least once a week with a natural cleanser to remove grime and bacteria. Spring skin care begins by updating your skincare regimen to protect against damage and help bring back that glowing skin.